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technology for new energy solutions. [ female announcer ] around the globe, the people of boeing are working together, to build a better tomorrow. that's why we're here. ♪ >>> on tuesday, the day a new pope was installed in rome, president obama makes a sensitive trip to the holy land for his first presidential trip to israel. the trip isn't ambitious. mostly the president seems to be responding to critics who question why he's not been to israel as president. truth is reagan never wept, and president george w. bush only visited during his final months in office. the president, however, is dogged by the perception that he's pulled toward the government of america's strongest ally in the middle east and by the criticism that his outreach to improve relations with the muslim world has been at israel's expense. during an interview on friday with me for "press pass," israel's ambassador to the u.s. sought to downplay any rift. >> there is a u.s./israel relationship which is deep, which is unbreakable, and that's a message of assurance to the people of israel at a very turbulent time in our reg
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. >> the issue of energy is one that looks to be something that the president and perhaps can get some bipartisan agreement. that xl pipeline coming down from canada, the state department, congressman, has cleared the way for the president to say, yes, let's open it up. wy whooi shouldn't he? >> i'm in the process of looking at the state department's analysis. they did a very complicated analysis. we have resolved that you can actually build the pipeline safely in terms of the committees it goes through but a they rerouted the pipeline, because the president and others raised concerns. now the question is whether or not the overall climate effects, the overall energy impacts are something for us. i'm in the process of looking at the state department's report right now. >> that's the easiest thing to do. you could create 20,000 new jobs. it's been out there for three years. this is the challenge. energy is even in our budget. the budget that balances, it puts a new energy perspective in there that has energy independence. how many jobs would that create? why do we have to wait? this is common sens
reflects certain values now that there's new energy and new branding for the g.o.p. what do you say about all this? >> well, i believe that those conservative values that have served our country and t republican party for decades are still very much real and alive and solid. so the idea that somehow another-- we need to move away from values that have served this country and that are time tested, i don't agree with that at all. now, do we need to be able to articulate what freedom really means? do we need to articulate what the protection of lives and liberty and the pursuit of happiness is about? probably need to do a better job of that. when we talk about giving opportunities, whether it's economic or otherwise, texas is a very substantial hispanic state. we do pretty well with the hispanic population in texas in our elections because we've been very open and we've been very appealing to the hispanic voter in many cases when we talk about freedom from overtaxation. freedom from overregulation, freedom from overlitigation. protection of life, patriotic men and women who serve our militar
its touch. >> i think we need some life. i think we need some energy and cred bltd. and so that's what i'm hoping for. >> it's wonderful that we finally have a pope that can represent a large piece of community. latinos and a lot of people who need the support. >> he has so many issues to take care of. just so many. and i'm going to pray a lot for him. >> for progressive american catholics, he's not likely to deliver the changes they hoped for. it's something i asked new york cardinal timothy dolan about just a short time ago. >> the issues that americans talk about most. >> sure. >> things like gay marriage and lbgt rights and celibacy for priests and contraception, they're expressing disappointment because they feel he won't move the church in what they see as a forward direction. what would you say to those americans and catholics? >> if people who are disappointed, they probably have -- it's probably an accurate sentiment. he's not going to change anything on that. but you listen to what the people are asking for as well. they're asking for a sense of hope. they're asking for trust
turning. u.s. competitive manufacturing, the kind of energy bill now we have been enjoying in the country, expanding. to the benefits of that. five and a half million jobs over the next few years. just for that factor alone. liz: i keep hearing that. yet it cannot just be the only thing. it cannot be the one leg. >> power of attorney. manufacturing in america being mildly topos competitive. more and more stories of coming back. in sourcing as we call it. the energy side. and also, technology, the idea that with all these smart devices that we have, tablet to smart phones, you are seeing an enormous amount of demand and increasing demand, accelerating demand, if you like, for wireless internet usage which requires faster. liz: we just lost our lead on the dow jones industrials. now we are down. if all of these issues stay in place that you feel will be the driver of a continuing raging bull, how high will the drive the s&p this year. >> were looking for 1650. we could overshoot earlier in the sense that our target. we are a little bit worried. europe continues to struggle, not necessarily
the first names of all of different contenders. can you feel the energy here in rome right now. we are above the plaza. you can see the crowds really celebrating already. i want to go back to something that chris said, the pope goes back into the room of tears. the room of tears in the sistine chapel since the 16th century in electing popes. the man seeing his name chosen and number of votes for his name. increasing little by little the last 24 hours and the emotion he must be feeling. then after he -- they put on the pope's kassic, white kassic, he will go back into the sistine chapel. they will have a reading from the first pope, the apostle jesus, read from the gospel and each of the cardinals will congratulate the new pope and pledge their fidelity to serve the church and help him in efforts it lead the church. and after that happens -- by the way, that's why this process will take about 45 minutes before we see the pope come out on the balcony. after cardinals greet him, con kohn grat late him and pledge loyalty and team work and faithfulness to him as the church, they will make their w
you see the pilots harnessing the energy in our atmosphere. >> there are already dozens right above us. >> reporter: there wasn't much time to wonder or worry. i had to get ready to launch. looking up. once we were heels up, we don't just rocket into the sky. we have to find solar fuel and that search starts really close to the mountain side. to gain altitude, we ride the thermals or columns of air billowing from the sun soaked air beneath. as soon as we find that lift, other pilots start to swarm around us. soon after that -- we're in the clouds. a meteorologist's dream. surrounded by 150 paragliders, this is called the launch gaggle. kind of like the starting line of a marathon when everyone is stretching but here, they're feeling out the air. then the race begins. the bee hive of swirling wind takes off at up to 50 miles per hour. within minutes, the once bustling sky is em. they hours later, we catch up by bus with those that made it to the finish. this is their task goal. and only about 50 or so will make it. among them, americans matt and eric. >> i did make it. a little bit slow
to have the energy to travel and so forth. so, i think those questions were all adequately answered as far as the cardinals were concerned. and they chose the man that they felt had the humility and all the other traits to lead the church at this time. >> shepard: when benedict was elected, largely because of age, i was told at the time, standing in this same place in 2005, the analysts said well he is a transitional pope because of his age. this man is two years younger. is he a transitional pope? >> >> i don't think that's what the intention of the cardinals who voted him as who elected him you want as the holly father. the only way we would have to answer that is to look down the road. and see how he is doing. you know, pope leo 13th was elected at the age of 78 and went on to reign for 15 years and died in 1903. so, and he was elected as a traditional pope. as a transitional pope. so who is to say? >> >> is the thinking now that it's kind of okay to retire when you want to? or do we go back to the more traditional you stay with this until the lord takes you home? >> i think that pope f
and energy, and it's already clear to me he has a great sense of the power. can i give you a couple? >> sure. >> when he came out after getting his white on. comes out from the little dressing room and we all applaud again, he's supposed to go up on the steps to a platform and sit on the white throne, we are to come to him to give him our love and loyalty. as attendants begin to take him by the arm, i am going to stay down here and greet each of my brothers. that's a powerful sign, literally on our level, okay? number two, we heard, we didn't know it because we were locked up. we heard it was pouring down rain, there was a big crowd in the square. he says -- there met all of the cardinals, and there were about other 100 people. you will be around. we will be with you the rest of the life. i will talk to you afterward. i don't want to keep the folks waiting. let's get out there. powerful symbol, isn't it? you mentioned francis. he said after the cardinal dean says, will you accept? when he said and by what name do you want to be called? he said francis and quickly says after st. francis of as
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be in to maintaining structures. he's got to unleash the energy that was given us by jesus and the holy spirit and i wonder if he's given us a new interpretive key in his homily. he spoke, i don't know if you had the advantage of hearing, of the translation, he spoke of tender love, tender love. now women are pros when it comes to tender love, and he spoke for st. joseph loving jesus and mary, but then he said this tender love has to go to creation, to god's creatures and especially to those who are most fragile, especially to those who are poor and struggling and feel alienated. women are pros when it comes to tender love. will they have a more accented role in his papacy? i wouldn't doubt it. >> he talked about mercy over these last several days. >> yes. >> he talked about forgiveness and says "we, too i think are these people who on the one hand want to listen to jesus but other times we like to beat up on others." it's your job to take this message back home and preach this to the people of the archdiocese of new york. how will you convey that message? >> he's used these days since his election
greatly benefit after the solar panels are installed. >> to reduce energy use and make sure they could afford many years of great success. >> go solar sf paid out $17 million to local products since 2004 and 100 workers received trainer to install the panels. >>> a sunny day a lut of people -- lot of people are seen wearing sun glasses. they are almost a must today. >> yeah. absolutely. next few days and we are continuing with this dry weather pattern. new records today. we saw 80s. 84 in morgan hill. that was the warm spot. 80 antioch. 80 fairfield and santa rosa. 58 pacifica. the fog has been playing tag back and forth, the fog is coming back in right now. dense along the great highway. there is the jet stream. if this was focused on us we would be getting wet. it is driving to the north and that keeps us dry. you see the fog. i have reports of fog and i have seen pictures of fog long the great highway. the fog is pushed away by the winds but the winds are slacking right now. 79 in santa rosa. 66 concord. the high pressure is weakening and it will set us up with a cooler pattern. tha
energy. i feel mysterious forces working through my body and i see them in other people. >> reporter: weeks is among the 46 million americans that our poll found have no religious affiliation, almost one in five. but they're not entirely secular. about a third describe themselves as "spiritual but not religious." >> yeah, i think that's a pretty good description. as a matter of fact, i think i say that all the time. i'm spiritual but not religious. >> i definitely don't call myself religious at all, so i would think i am spiritual, where i believe we're all connected in some way, but i'm not religious in any way. >> reporter: kim weeks has come a long way from the conservative southern methodist church of her childhood and the religious home she grew up in. >> we didn't go so far as do regular bible readings, but we weren't that far from it. i mean god was, and jesus, were both present in our daily lives, and a daily discourse. >> reporter: things began to change when she was 12. her parents divorced and she started questioning the church's teachings. >> the flaw in the organized rel
of iran can get inside iran, take control of the computer, and shut it down at their energy facilities. martha: that would be helpful. >> it would be helpful, but also remember that they can do that to us. they can take over your atm and suddenly all your digital records are gone. it's a serious problem. energy, transportation, everything is computerized. martha: it reminds me so much of growing up in the cold war years. it's as if we're at a mutually insured destruction stage of all of this. we look at them and say, we can do it to you. and they look at us and say, we could do it to you too. do we know who is more powerful at this stage? >> this e battle has been going on for so long in secret that i'm not sure that we do. one thing that we do know is that silicon valley and our american technological advancements have the ability to take down the firewall. you know the berlin wall of digital able, really, in china in north korea, in cuba, and iran. we have the ability to do it. right now there is this global internet software, where if you're in iran and you want to get around your f
of that energy just kind of dissipated and we were only playing an inside game and i'm sitting in a room with a bunch of folks negotiating all the time but those voices are no longer heard. >> one more thing, they are the same people that ran the president's 2012 campaign made this audacious claim that the group is not a partisan political organization. >> i want to say a word about what we aren't. we are not a partisan organization. >> there's been some confusion as john said earlier about what it is and what it isn't. organizing fraction is an issue advocacy group. not an electoral one. >> folks, they can jump up and down and claim this all they want and maybe for legal statuses this is what it is. the fact is that group is a group that taps the president's campaign e-mail list to solicit donations. what is the piece of republican initiated legislation they are trying to persuade members to support? any way, finally one of the two big stories of 2013 is going to be how does the republican party rebrand itself and rebuild itself? the three day conservative political action conference be
, of young people, including myself, today john paul ii. and you feel this indescribable energy without getting too ahead of myself here, with you i want to bring in james salt. james, you have been critical of the church, i think by fair terms, your concerns about handling and abuse of children. so much so you started a petition to prevent certain cardinals from participating. they still did in the case of the los angeles cardinal, mahoney at the time. why are you in belief as a person whose been critical and skeptical that this is the right man at the right time. >> as a catholic who lovers the church, i'm incredibly saddened by the poor leadership from strident leadership in our church. from those who say you are wrong politically and want to speak of it in the square. this is inspiring, knowing that church can be a source of inspiration for those of us that want something more. that's what i'm seeing. the fact that he is older, tells me, that make there will be more deference on politics or guy marriage or contraception. but hopefully a shorter pontificate and he will bring about re
is not interested in remembering what's going on. the brain is interested in survival. and so, all our energies, our focus on self-protection. >> by analyzing the data presented to me, it confirmed that my suspicion was likely, that suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. >> reporter: of course not prosecution has not had the opportunity to cross examine this expert witness. >> harris: so, adam, 18 days we saw her on the stand. what do experts say whether her marathon testimony either helped or hurt her case? >> well, first of all, people -- if you talk to anybody who is a court observer or a lawyer, they say that having a defendant on the stand is kind of unique in a lot of ways, anyway, but for that long 18 days, extremely unique and add in that arizona jurors are allowed to asker had questions. a lot of people do not believe it went well for her. a lot of the questions continually were suspect of her details, of her member rischi-- memory and what she can claimed. and when she said she climbed up shelves to get the gun he supposedly owned. and knows when you put 120 pounds on the end of th
ignores the obvious point that if you expend more energy than you bring in, you die, whether a business, person, or country. the person who ignores that is against science. in the long run, a country that spends more than it raises cannot continue. it is an existential threat to our country. that was established by economist after economist. common sense confirms it. the federal debt, there's a bigger problem. >> let me quote dick cheney, who said ronald reagan taught us that deficits do not matter. dick cheney was wrong. he was wrong then and now. of course deficits matter, but any one of you who supported the bush plans has no right to speak. i helped bill clinton balance the budget and build a surplus. why? because we had good economic times. in good economic times, you pay down the deficit, but reagan and bush did not, and in bad you have to stimulate in the near term, as thank god president obama is doing. we democrats will balance the budget once again. >> paul, which is more important to america's pursuit of happiness -- which is more dangerous, excuse me, than a 357 magnum -- >>
that pope benedict stepped down was because of his age. he said he didn't have the energy anymore. and so i think there was a sort of understanding among a lot of people that maybe the cardinals of the conclave would go for someone who was younger and seemed, perhaps, as more vital. having said that, remember, the two things that i think people were looking for most were someone who could evangelize and someone who could clean up the bureaucracy of the vatican. certainly on the first one we've talked about his great evangeliization skills. thomas reese was right. we've seen growth in the church in africa and latin america. there's also competition from protestant evangiliization. it's going to be interesting to see what this man who lives so simply does inside the vatican. certainly father or george could speak better to this than i could. but what will happen now inside the walls of the vatican behind me. because there's no doubt it is widely known that they need to get their house in order, so to speak, martin. >> going to father bartunek for a moment, i want to mention a poll that was do
times, incredibly exciting to watch the energy of the crowd, and the white smoke. you know, eight years ago the smoke came out we were all like, we didn't know-it was kind of a gray flannel thing. this is what it looked like this time. it was clearly white. and the crowd, even if you hadn't seen that and you heard the crowd erupt when they saw it knowing that there was a pope. folks had gathered much earlier this time. eight years ago, they didn't gather into the crowd until after they heard the bells ring. >> right. >> just a second to mention something real quick while we're here? this morning was a nice little review in the new york daily news about a dateline show that i have coming up. it's coming up this sunday. and somebody defaced my picture in the paper. >> it was all fake, how could you not? >> i don't know who would have done that. i'm just pointing it out. >> let me just say one thing. three girls on the show, we complain about bangs every day so i decided i would give the guy bangs so -- >> oh -- >> i gave him bangs and now he knows what it's like. >> it's nice to be missed
is it that you love particularly about being a waitress? >> i like talking to people. i like the energy of it. i like all the quick thinking that goes on. i like being on my feet. i like meeting people. i love talking about food and being around food. it's just-- it's a really great lifestyle, so-- >> and do you find that most people, most patrons, are nice to waitresses? they leave nice tips or no? >> in new york city, people are generally pretty well behaved, yes. >> oh, well behaved? okay, you've got then trained. >> they know what to do. >> okay, well, we want to give you a big tip of $1 million today. >> that sounds like the biggest tip i have ever had, meredith. >> so let's take a look at the money in your round 1. [cheers and applause] okay, computer, please randomize the dollar amounts. here are the categories to your questions. and, computer, please randomize the categories. and now that everything is all shuffled there, are you ready? >> i am ready? >> audience, are you ready? [cheers and applause] then let's play millionaire. [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ launched by bernadette pete
of hope and optimism and energy to keep going and to keep being me. and that connection with you guys and the support you all have shown in many various ways, e-mails, cards, gifts, e-mails, tweets, that's the real measure of success in this business. not the other stuff but the connection that you and i have had. and what you have, you have taken the time to share that with me. i think whenever you close out a personal or professional part of your career, the best part is to leave with good work, good friends and good memories. i'm blessed to leave with all three. thanks to the staff, and all of you out there. i am grateful. god bless and many, many thanks. >> all right, but now you are not leaving without being inducted into something very special on this show. our hall of fame. this is a look back at all of the anchors who have ever graced their presence on this desk. some of the many, many faces along the way. you may recognize, there is anderson cooper, by the way, liz cho, david muir, and the list continues and goes on and on. the many faces that you, some of them you know, some
was it like to see it? >> to see the smoke? >> yeah. >> it's exciting. the energy is really high. there's like very positive vibes around. you kind of just get excited from the energy of the crowd. >> you're both catholic? >> yes. >> why is this such a big decision? >> i think that it's really exciting, because we see like what like this is really important to a lot of people so it's really exciting -- >> the church has had a tough time the last decade or so. is this a bigger decision for this pope than previous years? >> probably. probably so. >> you think so? >> i think it's like pretty unique given the circumstance. so i think everyone's just kind of condpused. is this something they're going to try to do quicker than usual because there's no one right now. or is it something they're going to take a little bit more time to talk over. like we don't know. it's kind of like everyone's, i think they're a little bit confused. when we first got here the cab driver just said we're all a little confused. >> we're all feeling a little confused these days. >> right. >> you're sticking around for the
energy, great focus and she's doing amazing. >> are you allowed to vote if you're under 13? >> are you allowed. >> yeah. >> because you will crush it. >> our kids are going crazy over you. >> my daughter cannot wait to meet you. she thinks you are pretty much the coolest thing on the planet >> that's awesome. so cute. i got to meet her. >> well, you are, of course, on "shake it up" on disney and we have some video showing you doing a little hip-hop. you definitely got some moves. now, are these going to translate on the dance floor, val, zendaya? tell us what you think. >> hmm. >> see, here's the thing, some people would assume that because i'm a hip-hop dancer, it would be easier for me to do this -- >> no, i don't assume that. i think it's very different, right? >> it's like -- it's basically doing the exact opposite of what i'm used to so not only am i kind of learning something from the beginning but i have to forget what i already know and what's already naturally in my body so everything i naturally want to do -- >> there we go. >> right there. >> he's all about form and poise. >
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and they know what's required and feel he has all those prerequisites, including the motivation and energy and certainly has the proven leadership, evangelical zeal and the fidelity to the imagine steer yum of the church. those are sort ofbut his age wa. >> steve: that's why he wasn't anybody's front runner. they said apparently he was number two in the balloting last time when they selected benedict as the pope. but they figured, not the young guy that they need. but he is the guy, ambassador, given his background and how he has been a cardinal of the people where he takes the bus, he cooks his own meals. he doesn't have a chauffeur or anything like that. he really is the guy the church needs today. he understands the challenges of modern life. >> he's a unique pick. there is no question about it. he's been through a lot of add versionity, both emergency room, health adversity, and governance adversity. his own order exiled him for being too orthodox at one point. he's been faced with a very grow ing authoritarian authority in argentina. he's confronted those things up close and he's pass
lone. >> president obama in washington and green energy and on the other side is congressman paul ryan and our exploding debt. we have our reporter from washington, dc. >> rive paul ryan took to the stage on friday bringing a very serious focused tone dug the 15 minute speech saying and i quote, "a debt crisis would be more than an economic event but it would be a moral failure." he debuted the budget plan wants to cut $4.6 trillion the next decade and he wants to cut obamacare. he said the debt will weigh down the country. >> unemployment is 7.7 percent. 46 million people are living in poverty today in america. the president says we are in a recovery. i say we are in critical care. >> things will be worse. by the end of 2023, the economy will be at a crawl. we will have $8 trillion added to the debt. >> in a trip to a national laboratory outside of chicago, the president made a number of very light-hearted comments about the impact of the sequester. the speech went on to focus on the energy proposal. >> those who have chairs, lease feel free to sit down, everyone was standing and i th
energy at the general congregation for foreign cardinals saying they wanted more accountability and they didn't want to just rush into things. now we have pope francis. he is a first on so many levels. he is the first pope from south america. he is the first pope since the original, peter, from outside europe. he is the first pope to call himself francis, which is very significant, because francis of assisi was about humility, eschewing all the trappings of wealth and helping the neediest. that is the message the church needs now more than ever so the name is very significant. as a side note being elected on five ballots hasn't happened in a hundred years. this cardinal bergoglio needs a little context. this is the man we believe finished second to benedict in the last conclave. and just today a retired cardinal had told us, hey, you know, you're not mentioning bergoglio. why not? because if some big name can't deliver 77 votes he is the perfect compromise. as you know, wolf, no one had heard about him. so now here he is with all these firsts and all of these suggestions and sym
was a salesman, so i guess i got some of that energy from him. and my brother don and my sister leah, what a great family. not perfect. in fact, the marriage fell apart. but it was such a nice, grounding thing to be the family where there was love and space forfeits a fights and everythin. and forgiveness. people need to do that, give themselves and oprah said so brilliantly. forgiveness is the -- is giving up the wish that the past could have been different. and when you give that up, if you are released. you don't forget. the person is not exonerated. wasn't good what they did to you or feel that they did to you, you release it, and you don't have to hold it and you don't have to do it to yourself. your mind, ego, will beat you up all the time. we are bigger, we are spirit, whatever you want to call it. something larger than our mind. the mind is a great tool. we need it to stay out of traffic and move around and do great things and write stuff, but it isn't the whole of us. that other place, that experienced place, where you can look at your mind, make enough stories about yourself or o
-- operation of energy grids and it's wrong to shed these public employees these every day here rose -- these are the people -- cops who run to the crime scene when all of the rest of us run from it firefighters running into the burning building when we're trying to get out and we're cutting people. >> bill: isn't that a more important goal than just saying oh, we're going to balance the budget? >> that's right. and it clearly is at it clearly is to the american people. we focused on debt and deficit as though growth is the most important element. people want to work and the more people that work the lower our deficit is. >> bill: let the debate begin and at least you are coming up with some new ideas, not the same old stale ideas that we saw from paul ryan. congressman, thank to all of our friends from vermont. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the
is the mood there today, lauren, hello? >> reporter: hello to you. there is a lot of energy in rome. i have to pick up the papers. this is what you see when you pick up the papers. the new pope is on front page of precht every paper. this is the pope of the poor. he indeed a simple and humble man. you saw he left the vatican to go to st. mary basilica. in a simple black car, not the popemobile. to pray at the st. mary basilica. he has a particular devotion to the mary. and, that is what he told the crowd last night. they packed into the st. peter's square, rain soaked but they didn't seem to mind. they saw their first view of the new pope. even his appearance signaled something was different. he wore the simple white cassock, the skullcap. he did not wear the papal red, elbow length cape with fur lined. everything about him signaled something different. people they just didn't care. they wanted to see him. take a listen. >> it was amazing. it was very emotional. i'm catholic, and so this was a dream come true, you know, for me and for my family and so it was amazing to be here. we were righ
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with iran, the objective facts of the energy market mean this new iraq is a problem for iran, not a source of strength for iran. >> excellent article in "newsweek" magazine, thanks very much. >> thank you. >>> when we come back, the most interesting cast of candidates in a political race in a long time. ted turner's son, steven colbert's sister and a governor all facing off in south carolina. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. >>> ted turner's son, steven colbert's sister and a disgraced former governor all vying for the same open congressional seat in south carolina. one of the most interesting special elections in years. jim acosta is watch
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